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Web developers face a common problem while developing wireframes and mockups to go on an existing page: they keep jumping from the main site to the mockup, trying to match both. Through Maki, this jumping around is made a lot more convenient.


Maki is a simple bookmarklet that users of any web browser can place in their bookmarks toolbar. With a webpage open, click on the bookmarklet and a new toolbar will appear. From this toolbar you can choose your mockup’s image – the image should be in JPG, GIF, or PNG format and should not exceed 5MB in file size.

Next you select the overlay and opacity options. This places your mockup on the desired webpage and gives a clear idea of where improvements need to be made.

To see Maki in action watch demo video below:


  • An easy to use tool.
  • A must-have for web developers.
  • Lets you overlay mockups on websites.
  • Mockups can be in PNG, JPG, and GIF image format.
  • Can be used by any web browser.
  • Similar tools: MocksUp, iPlotz, NavFlow, Mockingbird, MockFlow and ShirtMockup.

Check out Maki @

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