MakeUseOf Valentine’s Bundle Giveaway

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We’re back with a collection of gadgets and geek paraphernalia that would make any Valentine fall for you.

To enter the bundle, make sure you watch all the videos and note down the entry codes, then type those into the widget at the end, and you’ll be in it to win it!

Elegiant Mobile VR Headset

2016 is the year of VR, but you can get a taster right now with the Elegiant VR mobile headset: a shell into which you can place any smartphone from 3.5″ to 6″. Featuring built in IPD, focus and screen distance adjustments – and an actual strap to attach it to your head – this is a great, comfortable introduction to VR without spending hundreds of dollars. In fact, it’s just $35 and you can get $5 off using the coupon code 3TQTEZP7.

There’s a surprising number of apps available now – search the play store for “VR” or “google cardboard” – and anything you find should work with this, from 3D cinemas to virtual roller coasters and 360° video viewers. Android users will get more out of this than iPhone users simply because there’s more content available – some users have even managed to stream PC games to a mobile headset.

Now clearly this isn’t going to give you the same experience as a $600 Oculus Rift, but it is still a neat little gadget that gives you a taste of VR.

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elegiant mobile vr headset

Use the code 3TQTEZP7 for $5 off the Elegiant VR mobile headset in the US Amazon store (UK customers can purchase here, but I’m afraid the coupon code won’t work for you).

UE: Megaboom Wireless Speaker

The UE: Megaboom is the top of the range wireless speaker from Logitech’s Ultimate Ears range, available for under $300 in black, blue, red, or a lovely plum color which we’re giving away.

I rarely write about unboxing gadgets, but the UE: Megaboom comes in a moulded plastic capsule that unlocks like a little loot drop, and there’s a separate compartment for the luminous yellow charging cable below. The charger is tucked neatly behind.

As well as a huge 20 hour battery life and 100ft Bluetooth range, the UE: Megaboom is IPX7 rated, which means it’ll be more than happy getting splashed poolside. The ports are neatly waterproofed underneath, and the buttons are integrated with the rubberised case. Hold down both the volume buttons and the device will speak the remaining battery percentage to you. Everything about the UE: Megaboom is fun.

valentines giveaway -1
A companion smartphone app also offers a number of surprising features such as the ability to remotely wake up and sleep the device, and a special block party mode in which multiple users can act as the DJ.

Not only does it look great, but it sounds great too: the closest comparison I could make is to a Sonos Play:1. The sound emanates in 360° around the speaker, so it’ll happily sit in the center of the room – or anywhere really – without having to hunt around for a sweet spot. The app allows you to select from a couple of different preset EQ settings, but it sounds fantastic out of the box, and you will certainly not be disappointed by either the overall volume, or quality, of audio.

Avantree Velcro Cable Ties

If you’re anything like me you’ve probably got a box full of random tangled cables in your office or home workshop – and grabbing the cable you need can be a real chore. If that’s the case, do yourself (or your loved one) a favor, and get them this $10 pack of 20 coloured cable ties, including some delightful pink ones in a variety of lengths. Now you can assign a specific color to each cable type and never suffer through a tangled mess of cable confusion again.

What’s so special about these cable ties? They have two velcro attachments, one at either end, and the first one is used to fix the tie to the cable itself, meaning you won’t lose it next time you unwrap the cable.

avantree cable ties

Grab yours on Amazon or directly from Avantree.

Orico 40w Pink USB Charger

You normally don’t have much choice when it comes to USB chargers: you can have black, off-black, blackish or if you’re lucky, grey-black. Orico is here to change that with a colorful range of options to suit every requirement – but we secured a lovely bright pink model for our giveaway. Even the power cable is pink!

The charger provides up to a total of 40W/8A, though each of the 5 ports is capable of smart charging at up to 2.4A, so you needn’t worry about which one to plug your iPad into.

At $20, it’s a bargain – but if 5 ports isn’t enough, Orico does a range of higher powered models in various colors.

valentines giveaway -2

Avantree Waterproof Phone Pouch

If you’re escaping the bad winter weather and heading out to somewhere exotic for holidays, you might want to a device to snap some underwater Instagrams or livestream your adventure on Meerkat, or whatever the kids are doing nowadays.

While you could buy a dedicated waterproof action cam like a GoPro, it would be a lot cheaper to buy a waterproof case for the high-quality camera already sitting in your pocket (your smartphone). The Avantree IPX8-certified waterproof phone pouch, available in a range of colors (though obviously, we’re giving away the pink one) is perfect for the job, and costs less than $10.

It’s simple to use: just unclip it at the top, slide in your phone, then clip the thick waterproof plastic pouch back up again. There’s also a lanyard you secure around your wrist or neck. You can still use your smartphone even when it’s inside, to hit the on-screen shutter button or respond to mission-critical Facebook messages while in the ocean.

You might be skeptical though: should you really trust your $600 smartphone to a plastic pouch? That’s a fair criticism, so I tested it in a local lake. I’m happy to report my phone is absolutely fine – you can check out the underwater scenery in the video above.

avantree waterproof phone pouch

That’s all from us, but we hope you have some special to spend Valentine’s day with.

Enter to win all these goodies below, and make sure you’ve watched the videos and noted down the entry codes for your bonus entries! The competition closes on 20th February and the winner will be notified by email.

Valentines Bundle Giveaway

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