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It is time for another MakeUseOf poll! I hope you are all ready and excited – it has been a while after all. Today’s poll is going to be about mobile phones — what do you use? (if any!). Wondering which is most popular?

A mobile device says a lot about its user. I’m sure you all have your opinions of people using iPhones or Droids. And I am sure most of you feel that your devices are the best hands down. Is it?

We would like you to answer the following question to see how we can can better address the majority of readers. If you use more than one type, please choose the one that you use the most.


If you feel that your option is missing, choose other and let us know which phone you use in the comments.

Note: We are not looking for models like the Tilt2 or iPhone 3GS, just the general platform. Along with your vote, feel free to leave a comment if you want us to cover something specific related to the mobile you’re currently using now or you have an idea for a future MakeUseOf poll.


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