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If you’re a real web-bug, you must have tonnes of usernames and password to keep track of. Many people attempt to solve this problem by using a universal password for every web service. Experienced tech-gurus will tell you that’s not a good idea.

You should never jeopardise security for the sake of convenience.

That’s where 1Password steps in. It’s a fantastic password manager, form-filler and personal information vault. And we have 5 licenses worth $200 to give away!

Once you have 1Password installed, it will ask you to set up a master password which is used to unlock the 1Password application. You do not need to keep the application running in order for 1Password to operate — it will install a browser plugin that will handle all of your password-saving and form-filling needs.

However, the app will come in handy whenever you need to review/edit password information.


Besides storing internet username and passwords, 1Password is an awesome and secure personal information vault. Use it to store email account passwords and other details, instant messaging credentials and file sharing (Amazon S3, FTP, MobileMe) account information. If you find yourself frequently filling in forms, 1Password makes life a little easier by automatically entering your home address and other contact information, not to mention storing them securely (unlike your browser’s form filler).

It can also be used to store sensitive notes from prying eyes.

1Password also offers a secure wallet feature which can be used to store financial information such as personal banking, credit cards; and to back up important documents like your passport, driving license and social security number.

Finally, to help you come up with secure passwords, 1Password offers a built-in password generator that’s much more robust (and easier to reach) than the built-in Mac OS X Password Assistant.

If you need to access your sensitive information while you’re on the road, 1PasswordAnywhere is a simple yet clever solution. Or you could always get their iPhone app, which syncs with the desktop client. So, are you convinced yet?

How do I win a copy?

All you need to do is;

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Let the giveaway begin! Have fun!

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