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  1. Yahoo Talent Show winner has been announced check him out here
  2. Runfatboy – fun and simple workout guide for the laziest dudes, check out ranfatboy (no longer online)
  3. Positivesharing – Not happy with your job? check this blog out, it may change it.
  4. Search Tools for Kids
  5. Google Search features – list of all features integrated into google search; currency conversion, calculator, movie reviews, UPS package tracking and much more.
  6. Spybot Search & Destroy – free to use popular spyware removal tool, combine it with free version of Lavasoft and you’re 100% secure.
  7. Jokebarn – one more joke site, jokes here are either in text or image form, categorized and sorted based on user votes. One randomly selected joke: Only in America
  8. Acronymsearch – here you can find out what NATO, OPEC, UNESCO or any other acronym stands for
  9. The Best Stuff In The World – here people share all kind of cool information and experiences they classify as ‘best’ (Best Cool Town, Best Video Creating Tool, Best Tasty Cookie From Scotland, Best Funniest Buffy Character, Best Way To Play An RPG By Yourself…….)

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