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Cool it’s already number 6, wonder what things will be like when we get to 100 ???

  • Bitwine – marketplace for information, either sell or buy advice from someone (math tutoring, financial advice, or anything people may need). I think it’s almost identical to earlier reviewed Ether Make some extra Money with Ether Make some extra Money with Ether Read More
  • (no longer exists) – social video community from ‘Jackass’ folks, some cool stuff going on here. Each month there is a competiton where users asked to shoot a video challenging one of the tasks from challenge section, at the end of the month votes counted and top 10 winners split 5000$.
  • Nuckin Futs (not available anymore)- Kaly has reviewed hillarious website JibJab before (it’s here JibJab - Funny Videos, Pictures and Jokes From Funny People JibJab - Funny Videos, Pictures and Jokes From Funny People Read More in case you missed), now Jib and Jab have released another parody called ‘nuckin’ futs‘, check it out. (‘…Britney Spears, George Bush, Mel Gibson, Saddam Hussein, Lance Bass, Kim Jong-Il and more singing about how the world went nuckin’ futs in 2006!‘).
  • Snap – fast and intuitive search toolbar with link preview option.
  • Likebetter – you will be shown 2 pictures, select one you like more and keep doing so until small brain in the middle turns red, once it does press on it to find out what it foundout about you.
  • Listpic – browse CraigsList by pictures.
  • Aboutdogs – blog for dog owners.
  • Video – Bad robber (no longer online)- you gotta see this video of man robbing liquor store, hilarious stuff
  • PaulGraham – cool motivational letters for students from one of the coolest geeks in Silicon Valley (mainly for tech and science dudes).

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