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Cool Software and Websites: (All free unless stated otherwise)

  • MakeInternetTV – covers everything you’ll need to know for shooting, editing, and publishing online videos. ‘HowTo’ sections include: equipment, shoot, edit, licence, publish and promote
  • ShareThis – handy browser addon (Firefox, IE) that lets you (1) quickly email webpages to friends and (2) post quick messages to your contacts (gmail, myspace, facebook) without navigating from current webpage.
  • TelePixie – useful service that lets you schedule wake up phone calls, reminders, weather forecast calls, and more.(US and Canada)
  • Tellme – free directory service for local businesses, maps, and directions. You can either call them or send an SMS message. See also GOOG411 makeuseof Extra #46 (Web Goodies and Tips) makeuseof Extra #46 (Web Goodies and Tips) Read More
  • Thunderbird 2 – newly released version of Mozilla Thunderbird email client. Comes with more features, better security and more customization options. My previous coverage of Mozilla Thunderbird
  • Web History – new service from Google: Features include: (1) keep detailed history of visited pages, Google searches, viewed images, red news, etc. (2) Search across your browsing history to locate whatever info you need, (3) Receive customized search-results, and (4) Vew interesting trends from your web activity i.e. number of searches you did between 10 am and 2 pm.
  • WikiSummaries – cool wikipedia-like service for quick book summaries.
  • Highrise – “…online contact manager that helps you keep track of who you talk to, what was said, and what to do next. Plus, you can set reminder for follow-ups, thank you notes, calls, tasks, and moreDemo Tour

Cool Articles and Tips:

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