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  • CustomSolutionsOfMaryland – bunch of interesting freeware.
  • Zudeo – have enough bandwidth? lots of DVD quality videos (movie trailers, animations, music videos etc.)
  • – more and more gifts. In case you missed my previous post on web’s coollest shopping destinations check it out here.
  • (no longer online) – what’s hot on campus?
  • [NO LONGER WORKS] Bubbleply – add text bubbles to any video and post it on your profile (myspace, bebo, xanga, etc). Cool service I will be adding it to myspace tools upon next update.
  • Twitter – findout what people are doing at the moment. You can either waste your time by pocking around the site or actually use it to stay in up-to-date on close friends.
  • Postsecret – Got a secret? Want to anonymously share it with others? Check this site out, seems like a great idea.
  • PandoraStations (discontinued) – Highest rated Pandora radiostations created by Pandora users. You can read more on Pandora here Pandora - Your Personal Online DJ (Music Player) Pandora - Your Personal Online DJ (Music Player) Read More .

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