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Cool Software and Websites: (All free unless stated otherwise)

  • FreeIconsWeb – features over 15,000 high quality free icon sets for Windows, Mac and Linux systems.
  • GameTrailers – high-quality video game trailers and gameplays. You’re free to stream or download them to your PC.
  • GrandCentral – one phone nr. for all your phones, custom greetings, centralized voicemail, record calls, spam filters and so on. Currently available in US and Canada
  • OrbitFiles – free online back up and storage service. Features include: 6GB of storage space, file sharing, access files from mobile or PDA, auto-backup, etc. At the moment supports IE 6 and Firefox browsers
  • PolarClock – cool online clock
  • Scrapblog – cool service that lets you combine your photos, videos, audio and text to create stunning multimedia scrapbooks. And share them afterwards. Demo tour
  • SimpleWeather – simple weather checkup tool. Just enter your zip code and get weather. (US only)
  • TVShows (Mac) – this Mac utility can automatically download your favorite TV shows using your preferred torrent client. It’ll auto-check for torrent updates and get new episodes as soon as they are out.

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