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Cool Software and Websites: (All free unless mentioned otherwise)

  • Clicky – powerful, user-friendly and well-designed traffic analytics tool for bloggers and other website owners [Note: free for all sites with less then 1000 pageviews/day, $1.99/month for bigger ones]
  • Cool Games(Netvibes Tab) – in case you’re using netvibes What is Netvibes ? What is Netvibes ? Read More check out this Game tab: it features 6 fun games in one embeddable tab(Snake, Round’em Up!, Flood It!, Deduction, Battle Chess and PacMan)
  • Delutube – nifty tool that lets you recover and play deleted(removed) YouTube videos
  • Desktopography – best wallpapers I have ever seen. Highly Recommended
  • Fashionising – social networking site for fashion lovers, socialites, models, designers, photographers, stylists and many other people from the fashion industry. Join groups, share your style, participate in competitions…
  • FeedRinse – web-based service that lets you efficiently filter your RSS subscription feeds(or OPML file), i.e. by keyword, author, tag and etc. “…It’s like a spam filter for your RSS subscriptions.
  • Gishpuppy – lets you quickly create disposable email address each time you register on the web. If desired, all received emails can be set to be auto-forwarded to your normal email. Firefox extension available.
  • Grokker – handy search engine / research tool. Search results can be filtered by freshness, category(unique categories for each search), by geographical location and by source(Yahoo, Wikipedia….).
  • Yahoo! Personal Finance – money advices, financial ‘HowTo’ guides, calculators(mortgage, spending, college, retirments plans)…

Cool Articles and Tips:

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