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Cool Software and Websites:

  • Berkeley Webcast – free video and audio classes from UC Berkeley: US History, General Psychology, Intro to Computers, General Biology, Intro to Statistics, European Civilization and more.
  • Couchville – free TV channel guide. You’ll only need to enter a zip code and select your cable provider.(US only)
  • Boxoh – UPS, FedEx, USPS, or DHL/AirBorne package tracker. Enter your package number and it will generate RSS feed for tracking package as it moves towards destination from one place to another.
  • JungleCrazy – aggregates best Amazon deals(at least 70% discounted) in one place
  • Kegulator – Kegulator helps you figure out how much beer, ice and cups you’ll need for the party :-)
  • PDFpad – lets you freely print and download handy docs that you may need for work, school, games…etc (prints calendar, flag, graph paper, smith chart, staff paper, storyboards and sudoku game sheets)
  • Socialmoth – community where anyone can post anonymous confessions: “I am not sure why I am at work today” or check this one “I enjoy the smell of my own farts and i am not afraid to admit it” :lol:

Cool Articles and Tips:

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