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reminder: ‘makeuseof extra’ lists some of the cool stuff discovered in the last couple of days

Cool Software and Websites:

  • 2Prong – free ‘disposable email’ service for potentially unsafe sign-ups
  • doPDF – adds a virtual printer to you computer that lets you convert any document to a searchable PDF from any running program(excel, word, powerpoint, email client…)
  • GroupRecipes – share and discover new foods and recipes. And for when you’re low on stock check out Recipematcher which recommends recipes RecipeMatcher-Tells not only How but What to Cook RecipeMatcher-Tells not only How but What to Cook Read More based on the items you already have.
  • Isolator(MAC only) – turn it on when you don’t want to be distracted and it will cover up your desktop and all the icons on it, as well as the windows of all other running applications, so you can concentrate on the document you’re on
  • LibriVox – directory of free audiobooks (categories: fiction, poetry, non-fiction, drama…)
  • ShortText – excellent collaboration utility that lets you quickly share any piece of text online. You can enter text manually, paste it from a document or use provided browser addon(firefox) to grab it from a webpage.
  • Tasklist – comprehensive guide to processes running on your computer(you can view running processes using ‘Ctrl+Alt+Del’)

Cool Articles and Tips:

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