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reminder: makeuseof extra lists some of the cool stuff discovered in the last couple of days

Cool Software and Web Applications:

  • Amazing Webpage Emailer – firefox extension that lets you quickly email any webpage right from your browser
  • AmieStreet – Independent music(DRM-free) download website. All songs on AmieStreet start FREE and can rise to 98 cents depending on how much the community likes it
  • AskCity – one of the best mapping products on the internet. Lets you quickly get directions from point A to B, search and locate locally screened blockbusters, upcoming events and businesses
  • BeeThere – simple service that lets you stay tuned on upcoming concerts featuring you favorite bands and artists. [Howto: (1)enter your favorite bands or load the artist names from your iPod, (2) bethere searches club websites, member postings and web for relevant info (3)and as soon as something comes up you’ll be notified]
  • CrossEngine – search on all top search engines(Google,Yahoo,MSN…) and community websites(Delicious, Flickr…) in one go
  • GadgetTheft – new free service that tracks stolen USB gadgets(MP3 players, cameras, USB flash drives etc). Flag your device as stolen and next time somebody plugs it into a computer, it’ll send you enough info to track it down(IP address, location, computer name, etc)
  • [NO LONGER WORKS] ImaginationCubed – very cool, web-based application for live collaborative drawing and brainstorming
  • RapSpace – broadband hangout place for the global hiphop community. “…whether you have rhymes to record, beats to drop, lyrics to blog or just want to check out the latest hot indie rapper, is the digital voice for all things hiphop
  • Soundstream – “Soundstream is a Mac OS X screensaver that responds to sound input. Its colorful Flurry-like streams pulse to the beat of music or bloom with ambient noise.

Cool Articles and Tips:

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