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after 2 day intermission, extra series are back

  1. (no longer online) – Next time you travel, you may use this tool to check out on wifi availability in different airports worldwide
  2. Pikipimp (no longer online) – useless and pathetic but slightly entertaining website to play around(pimp it) with your picture
  3. Farecast – this website can predict airfare prices and can tell you exactly when it’s cheapest to fly, it even offers some guarantees (USA only)
  4. – entertaining hollywood gossip blog or as it’s stated on the website Hollywood’s Most-Hated Web Site
  5. Billster – tool to track your expenses, haven’t tried it personally but by looking on testimonials seems people love it.
  6. Swamii (no longer online) – search engine that can constantly track for ‘news and updates’ on whatever you want
  7. LettersFromBadSanta – one baaaaaad Santa
  8. Paperboy – this fat penguin ski on his belly to draw anything you type
  9. Video – hillarious piece about Bush and his deep concern about global warming

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