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reminder: ‘makeuseof extra’ lists some cool stuff that was discovered during the previous day. Enjoy!

Cool Software, Browser Add-ons and Websites:

  • (update: unlinked due to high amount of broken links) – stream good-quality animations, documentaries, movies and popular TV shows for free.
  • Pocketmod – handy personal organizer that lets you quickly create awesome, all-purpose, wallet-sized, disposable booklets from plain A4 paper. Definitely check it out
  • Buxfer – shared bills and expenses tracking tool for students and roomates. Something very similar to Billmonk
  • Kodak Easyshare – firefox extension that lets you easily select, tag, title and upload pictures from your PC to flickr Flickr - Store, Share, Sort & Search Your Photos Flickr - Store, Share, Sort & Search Your Photos Read More and some other photo-sharing websites(Tabblo, 23hq, Smugmug, Marela, and Kodak EasyShare Gallery)
  • ListenToaMovie – radio-like service where you can playback and listen to movies and popular tv shows.
  •“… is the search that never stops. We will keep looking for your item on the sites you select and report new search results back to you. You can choose to have new results emailed to you or, you can subscribe to the RSS feed and have your new search results delivered right to your RSS reader…”
  • WebRidesTV – very cool website for auto enthusiasts with lots of top class cars and high-quality videos (promo videos, concept cars, shop tours…)
  • FeedsPlus – in case you’re IE 7 user and use your browser to follow-up feeds then this is for you. FeedsPlus is an IE7 browser add-on that makes feed reading experience easier and more efficient by offering 2 extras; (a) option to view feeds in a combined view and (b) pop-up notifications when there are new items to read.
  • Hencam (today’s special) – a chicken coop under 24/7 video surveillance. Bet you didn’t expect seeing this one :-)

Cool Articles and Tips:

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