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reminder: makeuseof extra lists some of the cool websites, software, and tips discovered during the previous day

Cool Websites, Software and Web Applications:

  • Abebooks – (for college students) with Abebooks you can save upto 90% on texbooks by buying international editions instead of ones published in US. “…An international edition is a textbook that has been published outside of the US and can be drastically cheaper than the same book found in your campus bookstore. International editions are legal…
  • GiveAwayOfTheDay– every day this website gives away some licensed software and game for free. Don’t keep your hopes high though :-)
  • ShareTV – directory listing torrents for popular TV shows (24, Family guy, American dad, Prison break…etc). If you have nothing against it then you can download any of these shows using free BitTorrent client. In case you experience any problems with viewing any of these files try [NO LONGER WORKS] VLC media player
  • SimpleSeating – easily create, preview, and print seating charts for upcoming event(wedding, birthday party…etc) online.(free upto 50 guests)
  • Sketchr – draw anything you like and save it to your comp
  • Vyew – virtual office and project collaboration utility (with free account collaboration team size limited to 20 people)
  • Faxzero – send free fax to anywhere in the U.S. and Canada

Cool Articles and Tips:

  • Skype Tip [] – this tip lets you double video chat resolution from 320×240 to whopping 640×480. Of course, you should also have good connection speed and capable webcam
  • Making PDFs with free software [] – couple of free tools that let you create or convert files to PDF format from almost any windows program. Same thing can be done with latest version of Adobe Reader(free)
  • Ultimate list of free windows utilities from microsoft
  • Funny error messages [] – 16 funny error messages seen on the computer screens in Japan, where they are written in Haiku

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