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reminder: makeuseof extra lists some of the cool websites, software, and tips discovered during the previous day

Free cool Software and Web Applications:

  • OscarTorrents – this website lists torrents for all oscar nominated movies(best picture, best actor, best supporting role….). If you feel positive about movie downloads then you can get them on your PC using free BitTorrent client
  • – awesome, highly customizable monitoring tool for ebay auctions. Ideal for detecting ‘Buy It Now’ bargains
  • FooPlot – online graphic calculator and plotter
  • TrashMail – firefox addon that lets you instantly create disposable email address and paste it directly into signup forms. (especially handy when subscribing to suspicious forums or newsletters). This plugin uses the free DEA service.
  • UselessAccount – website that literally has nothing to offer apart from a free account.:-)
  • Streamclip – free, powerful and high quality video converter, player and editor for Mac and Windows
  • AddemUp – fun flash game
  • Jotlet – simple, fast and free productivity application(“…organize and share to-do items, important events, meetings, due dates and even bills…“)
  • Age-O-Matic – here is something fun; “Find out what your so sucking job is doing to you”
  • Preloadr [via] – useful flickr-based photo editing tool. Lets you login using your flickr credentials, pull any picture from your account, edit it and transfer it back.

Cool Articles and Tips:

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