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  1. Isohunt – largest bittorent and P2P search engine.
  2. QfxSoftware – free browser addon (Firefox/ IE) that keeps you secure from keyloggers. For more obsessive folks here isĀ  short writeup on what I do to safeguard my account details from keyloggers How To Cheat Keylogger Spyware How To Cheat Keylogger Spyware Read More .
  3. The 46 best ever freeware utilities – lists best of free stuff, best antivirus, email program, firewall, software suite…etc.
  4. TubesNow – file sharing and collaboration tool (free & secure)
  5. Wize – consumer product reviews (…‘unbiased product ranking based on thousands of expert and user reviews’).
  6. DailyCupOfTech: USB Drive Autorun – complimentary article to recently published post (How to turn USB device into almost full scale pc How to Turn USB Device into Almost Full-Scale PC How to Turn USB Device into Almost Full-Scale PC Read More ), it explains how to configure USB drive to autorun desired programs as soon as it’s connected. Simple and clear.
  7. Pipl – unique, comprehensive and at the moment my favorite ‘People Search’ search engine. (Firefox addon available)

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