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  1. EliteSkills – extensive list of free educational resources, lots of stuff ranging from MIT courses to ‘foreign language course’ podcasts. I wish I had access to something like this couple of years ago, check it out. Awesome
  2. AddictingGames – name says it all… loved it
  3. Rapidfox – search engine for rapidshare
  4. SnapDrive– yet another free online file storage and sharing service(upto 2 GBs). You may also have a look at previously posted Online Storage Services (with free Account) Online Storage Services with Free Account Option Online Storage Services with Free Account Option Read More
  5. Drawahouse – this site will tell you something about your personality based on how you sketch your ideal house. I took the test, and apparently I am sensitive and sometimes ….(not important). I love this sensitive part though, it served me well in the last 5-6 six years. :-)
  6. HowTo: Download almost any song off the internet for free
  7. – nice article (lens in Squidoo language) ranking top 25 tools for Mac OS X

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