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  1. – call abroad for free, this will work only if you’re from dialing from USA.(allfreecalls was closed)
  2. – send an email to ‘destination-number’ and get it delivered as SMS to any mobile number within North America
  3. USB PC Repair System – PC repair kit on USB drive. For some more stuff that you can run directly from USB check out one of my recent articles here
  4. – Tip: Search Amazon for ‘percent off’ deals
  5. – here you can find open source alternatives to most of the popular commercial software, (eg. photoshop alternatives)
  6. – web-based contact management tool (with free account option)

    1. fwang
      January 18, 2007 at 10:11 am

      I tried this service and it is always busy.
      I found another site to call relatives in Beijing.
      Same concept:
      Dial 712-945-4444
      At the prompt, enter 011, country code, and the number to call
      End with # sign.

      the service is from

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