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MakeUseOf is pleased to announce that it has recently revamped its internal advertising program and is looking for advertisers like YOU to join us in marketing your products to our community of over 13 million strong!

Why MakeUseOf?

We’re a daily blog that is intended to make the web easy, making you more productive with tips featuring cool websites, computer tips, and downloads. Our goal is making the web and offline space accessible to the average Joe on any operating system, from Windows to Mac to Linux.

We have over 23 million monthly pageviews and have been featured in PC Magazine as a top 100 website for several years in a row.

What’s In It For You?

MakeUseOf can showcase your company, product, or service to our large and diverse audience. We can get your message out effectively and efficiently to our readers.

Contact us today if you are interested. We’ll be delighted to serve you.

Addendum: Just a note, our advertising program has been in full swing for awhile now! If you haven’t noticed anything, it’s because we are trying to make it as natural and unintrusive as possible. Our reader loyalty is always the most important to us.

Image Credit: Bullhorn Megaphone via Shutterstock

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