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A badge is a very useful thing to have at parties, at workplaces, and at various important events. But having badges made professionally can set you back a good deal of money. Here to help you create and print badges yourself is a wonderful web service called Make Badge.

printable badges free

Make Badge is a free to use web app that lets you create badges online. Without registering for any account, you can start using the site’s badge creation tools. You start off with a blank canvas where you can start adding text blocks, images, rectangles, and background colors. Optionally you can set a badge template to guide you into create more organized badges.


You can also select whether your badge will be rectangular or circular. Options for sizes are also offered.


Your completed badge can be downloaded in the PNG image format which you can later print out yourself.


  • A user-friendly web service.
  • Lets you create badges online.
  • Offers badge templates.
  • Lets you select badge shape and size.
  • Lets you add text, images, rectangles, and colors to your badge.
  • Similar tools: FreshBadgeBadgeCreator and EasyIdCard.

Check out Badge Maker @

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