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Daring our friends to do stuff they would not normally is a recipe to embarrass them and make us laugh. Whether it is our own friends that are put into the “˜dare’ situation or somebody else’s, watching people embarrass themselves is mostly amusing. That is why Make A Dare is such an interesting website.

people doing dares

Make A Dare is a free to use website that hosts websites of friends daring friends to do stuff. The site has a huge library of dare videos that have every day, normal people performing dares. Browsing the videos is absolutely free and does not require visitors to create an account.

If you want to, you can create a free account after which you will be able to post dare suggestions on the site. You can also enter dare competitions and see which user is the “˜most daring.’

A fun site, Make A Dare will surely make anybody’s day.

people doing dares



  • Includes many videos.
  • Lets users suggest dares.
  • Lets users complete their dares.
  • Similar site: URDB.

Check out Make A Dare @

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