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make motivational posterMotivational posters were those posters up on your old office or school walls which were supposed to be inspiring and basically tell you to reach for the stars or never to give up. Actually some were pretty touching, if I’m honest. However, in more recent days, parody motivational or demotivational posters have been more popular.

Here are a couple of ways you can make your very own motivational posters. Have fun with it or mock. Create motivational posters and take it into the direction you choose.

Motivator by bighugelabs

Motivator allows you to grab any photo from any URL, Flickr page, Photobucket page or upload one yourself. It also allows you to select your own text from a couple of choices, select their colours as well as one for the background or rotate your poster orientation to portrait or keep it at landscape. There is also a choice between single, double and fancy borders for your picture.

motivator - make motivational poster

After you’re done customizing your poster, click “Create” to see the final product. If you’re happy with it, you can either save it, share it on Flickr or email it to a friend. Members get the privilege of creating links to the poster which is hosted by bighugelabs. Membership is free so why not? PRO memberships will allow you to create high resolution posters which are 3000 pixels on its long edge.



Posters created by Motivator are 750 by 600 pixels in landscape mode and 600 by 750 pixels in portrait.


This poster creator has got a slightly nicer font. The rest of it is a little simpler compared with the others. It doesn’t allow you to select a background colour or change the font (although the default one is quite satisfactory). The only parameter it allows for configuration is the text colour which affects the picture border colour, too. And the text, of course.

automotivator - poster creator

Still, the resulting posters are pretty nice. They are 608 pixels in width, it doesn’t matter whether the poster is in portrait or landscape mode.

When you’re satisfied with the poster, you’re given the option to upload it to Imageshack, Flickr, save to your computer or order prints via its shop at Zazzle.

Parody Motivator Generator by Despair, Inc.

Despite its name, you can still make motivational posters. Like Motivator, this poster generator will also allow you to select from a few fonts and choose their colours, as well as set its orientation. It will only use uploaded photos. No Flickr or Imageshack photos here, sorry.


After you’ve created the poster, you can save it to your computer, email it to a friend or order an A4 print for $13 from their store.

Posters created with Parody Motivator Generator are 750 pixels on its longer edge. There will also be a small watermark at the bottom right edge of the poster that states it was made from Despair, Inc.

MotivationLOL by BravoBug Software [Mac Only]

MotivationLOL used to be $5 but the nice people over at BravoBug decided to give away this application for free. Download MotivationLOL and use the free license code to activate it.

It’s a very simple application which give you the option of dragging your picture into it, pan it around, zoom in or out until you’re pleased with it then input the tag lines and save. If you find the resulting poster too small, you can simply enlarge MotivationLOL’s application window and the poster size will increase as well.

Have fun customizing your own motivational posters. Do you use any other generators which aren’t listed here? Let us know about it in the comments. Also, take the chance to share interesting (mock) motivational posters with us, again in the comments.

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