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Advertisement hotkeys is an interesting application which was built on ‘Windows shortcut keys’ concept, however this application more user focused. Windows shortcut keys (Windows specific shortcuts) were developed to help user manage Windows applications easily. Qliner hotkeys went further and enabled user to add a shortcut to almost anything on PC.

It gives user a total control by allowing user to allocate any key on the keyboard for a shortcut. Once key for a particular program allocated, program can be accessed simply by pressing ‘Windows key() + Allocated key.

How does it work?

To use the program installation is required. Once program is installed, hold the windows key (pic above) for several seconds, or alternatively press Windows key + Z. A screen keyboard like above one should appear. This keyboard displays existing key combinations and also lets user drag’n’drop programs onto desirable shortcuts. Ex; User can select ‘Internet Explorer’ icon from the desktop and drag it onto any key on the keyboard. After it is done internet explorer can be accessed through ‘windows + key selected’. Similarly, existing shortcuts can be changed by moving them around within the keyboard. Here you can get a demonstrative tutorial from Qliner.


Main features

To sum up, Qliner is a useful, simple, user friendly and 100% free. It takes some time to get used to the newly set shortcuts however once mastered it becomes totally worth it.

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