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Ether is a web-based service that allows to sell valuable information over the phone, e-mail or through website. There are many people who are professionals in what they do or quite informed about particular topic. These people can be accountants, lawyers, translators, PC experts, bloggers, journalists, ebay experts, comedians and anyone with definite information about something.

Ether provides service that lets these people sell their valuable knowlege. It is a platform for selling personal services and can be referred as “ebay for services”.

When service seeker clicks on the profile of service seller, s/he can see status(away/taking calls etc.), rate(pricing) and description of service. If a service buyer is interested it is possible to make an immediate call provided that seller is available or alternatively buyer can provide prefferred time slot for a conversation.

Phone call can be made simply with a click of a button and ether will establish a line between buyer and provider. Buyer will be charged as soon as the conversation begins. While this definitely in favor of a seller I think there should be some kind of protection for buyer as well. Ebay’s feedback system does a good job on this matter. Ether provides ‘report abuse’ in case buyer is not satisfied. However, user who is about to buy service will fell much more secure if there is some kind of guarantee/reference before his credit card is charged.

How to Start selling Services?


1. Get free Ether Phone Number. To start selling information/services user needs to get a phone number, where buyers can call him. To get an ether number number sign up is required. Ether Phone Number will look like : 1-888-MY-ETHER with an 8-digit extension that is unique to each user. Once number is obtained, user sets it to forward calls to the actual phone number(mobile, home, work, or any other number). Personal number provided by user is kept completely confidential to avoide misuse.

2. Set Price. How much user is willing to charge?

3. Set time when to be called. This tool allows users to set time when they want to be called.

These are main procedures. Ether phone number is not limited only for web usage, users can market themselves by placing this number on their business cards or websites as well. In addition to phone other means of selling is possible, for instance if user wishes to sell digital content it is possible to go through transaction either using ’email’ or directly ‘Buy Now’ options.

I think this is cool idea and a whole new way for people to earn living. User who is a service provider does not loose anything and not required to make any sort of payments(no setup fees, no monthly charges etc) to ether but only 15% commison from all closed deals(not a high price for marketing of your services). Here you may check out list of ether sellers that have rates below $25 here.

Check out Techcrunch one of our favorite blogs for more information regarding the ether company itself.

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