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I have tried many different screen capture tools and the same thing always seems to be true. If it’s free it sucks and if it costs money it’s mildly better. (There are also a number of Firefox screen capture plugins.) But I have found a great screen capture utility with a wealth of options that coincidentally is also FREE! As in free beer!

This program called ZScreen was exactly what I was looking for. Zscreen can still function like “print screen” using “alt”+”print screen” to grab the active window but that is where the similarity ends. Zscreen has the ability to auto-upload your image to Image Shack, an ftp or shoot your image to a pre-associated image program like Paint or Photoshop. This is a great tool for a blogger, web designer or an avid web surfer that likes to share what they find. You can see the authors home page here.

Simply load this application up by downloading the 847KB installer. Run it and you will be greeted by a control panel-like screen.

screen capture utility

There are a lot of controls and settings but out of the box Zscreen captures with the print screen button and automatically uploads the image and creates an image shack URL that you can use.

screen capture

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Not enough features for ya? They’ve got more!

How about cropping a portion of a web page or your screen using the Zscreen? That’s right, no more print screening and then cropping in Photoshop!

Simply hit “control” and “print screen”. You will get an arrow that will let you draw a box around what you want to copy to your clip board.

Or if you are like me and need to save screen shots for later use, you might want to save individual files automatically and deal with them later. No problemo, just go back to your options and pull down that same drop down menu where you had selected “Image Shack” or “FTP” and choose “File” instead.

The options that configure what the file is called would be found under the “File Settings” tab. Check it out.

I don’t even think I’ve scratched the tip of the iceberg that is this screen capture program. But I can safely say that it fits into my work routine lovely! I have a feeling that I will be using it for some time to come!

firefox screen capture plugin

What do you, the MakeUseOf reader, use for screen capturing?

Leave your vote in the comments!

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