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skout ios appIf none of the 800 “friends” you have on Facebook are suitable for dating, there are a couple of iTunes Store apps called Skout and Instadating, that are cheaper and less hassle-free than, and other online dating sites.

Both of these apps allow you to discover new friends or perspective dates in your local area, or from around the world. Each app is free and only requires a few profile descriptions — name, age, location, interests, and one or more personal photos.

Skout’s Features

Skout (free) consists of users from around the world, and it allows you to filter search results based on gender, age range, and location.

skout ios app

Your own user profile can consist of as much information as you like, including age, interests, relationship status, physical description, ethnicity, and one or more photos.

skout ios


You can give Skout permission to share your general location (not your exact address) that lets other users know how far away you live from them. And you can start a connection by sending what is called a “Wink” to someone you’re interested in.

skout ios

Skout allows you to hold chats, send photos and various emoticons to selected users. You can also make in-app purchases of points that can be used to purchase all sorts of social gifts, which are in turn points for recipients. Purchasing points however is not required for making connections with other users.

A pretty cool feature in Skout lets you know which other users have checked out your profile. You can see a small profile photo of users who have checked you out, but you must pay points to link directly to their profile. However, if the person who is checked you out is among your search results, you will probably see them in the stream of photos.

skout ios

Skout is fun and easy to use, and includes several other cool features that help you connect with users.

Dating On Instagram

If you want to use Instagram for more than taking and sharing photos, a new app called InstaDating (free) also allows you to find new friends and possible romantic dates – or something in between. You of course register with this app and service using your Instagram user account. Like Skout, you provide InstaDating with as much profile information as you like, and your existing Instagram profile photo.

ios dating apps

You can connect directly with other nearby Instagram users who have signed up on the service. You can share photos, your current relationship status, and start a private chat by sending free messages, emojis or photos.

skout ios app

As with Skout, you can filter searches based on gender, region, and age range. At this point there are no in-app fees associated with InstaDating. The app also includes an “intelligent match engine” that recommends InstaDating users you might be interested in based on your previous selections.

Since the app is new, it doesn’t appear to have as many users as there are on Skout. But the app’s clean, stylish user interface and connection with Instagram will no doubt greatly increase its user base in the next several months.

Let us know what you think of these two social networking and dating apps. What other features would you like to see added? And what is a similar app you already use?

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