How to Make Easy Backups of Your Winamp Configuration
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Winamp is a Windows tool that’s still around today despite dropping in popularity. First released in 1997, it provided a great solution to the growing MP3 collections on people’s computers in the early 2000s. It’s still a fine media manager, but with Spotify and other streaming services reigning supreme, it’s not as ubiquitous as it once was.

If you’re a longtime Winamp user, you probably have a specific configuration set up just right. There’s no native solution for backing these up, but the Winamp Backup Tool solves this problem. Whether you’re moving your Winamp installation from one machine to another or just want to keep a backup in case, you should give this tool a try.

How to Make Easy Backups of Your Winamp Configuration Winamp Backup Tool

It’s a simple tool that guides you through a wizard for backing up. Click Backup files on the main screen to start the process. The software will find everything important if you choose Automatic Mode, or you can use Custom Mode to pick and choose what you want to back up. By default, you’ll back up settings, plugin settings, library databases, icon packs, skins, themes, and visualization presets.

When you’re ready to transfer the info or restore from a backup, just install the backup tool on your other machine and choose Restore / Transfer from the main menu. Browse to your backup file, and the software will automatically move everything onto the new Winamp installation. It can’t get much easier than that!

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Do you have a need for Winamp backups? Let us know if you use this tool, or your favorite media player, in the comment section below!

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