How To Make Disaster Survival Gear With Common Household Items

A storm has just hit. Lights are out. Power’s out. You’ve run out of candles. What do you do? MakeUseOf writers are quite the survivalist. We’ve written about emergency gear you’ll need to survive an apocalypse and minor disasters. But what if you’re unprepared?

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Emergency dust mask & goggles for use in a sand/dust/ash storm- use a coffee filter & a diving mask.


Guy M

These are some really good tips, and people should print this off. My only warning is about the rubbing alcohol stove. It is safer to extinguish the flame by putting a pot lid on it than trying to blow it out.

Hopefully people reading this will take the time to look into emergency preparedness a bit more. It’s not a matter of IF an emergency will happen, it’s only a matter of WHEN.


Shawn D

You can also make a candle from a tin of tuna packed in oil. Poke a hole in the top and insert the string material and let it soak up some oil for a minute. The aroma is wonderful ;-P


Vipul J

Can use the milk jug lamp on Halloween :D



Too bad coffee cans are all plastic nowadays. And AAA, AA, C and D batteries are all the same length. Somebody should try these ideas out before simply typing up whatever comes to mind.

Mountain Living

Actually, they are not all the same length. The AAA are shorter than the AA and the D are longer than the AA. I don’t have any C cells right now so I’m not sure about that one.



I dont have a refrigerator, Im goign to try that out! Thanks for the idea.. I have a doubt I have to place the washcloth over the small container only over both?

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