Which Major Gaming Platforms Do You Use? [MakeUseOf Poll]

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Our poll last week asked you to tell us how many programming languages you know. With most responders claiming to know between 3 and 5 programming languages, the MakeUseOf readership has again proved it is a pretty geeky bunch.

We got a total of 838 votes, divided as follows: 37% know 3-5 programming languages; 26% know 1-2 languages; 20% know 6-10 languages; 9% just aren’t into code and don’t know any programming languages; 5% know between 10-20 languages; and an elite 2% know more than 20 programming languages.

Full results and this week’s poll after the jump.

It seems that most MakeUseOf readers know more than a few programming languages.

This week’s poll question is: Which Major Gaming Platforms Do You Use?
It’s time to find out what sort of gamers we have around here: Do you use the latest consoles? Do you have old consoles kicking about? Do you play games on your computer? Are you a retro game nut? Let us know!

If you absolutely love your gaming setup, let us know what you use in the comments!

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 oopss.. i’m the first one to vote.. >.<



Consoles are for kids and non-intensive gaming.


Go troll some place else. All videogames are toys, period.


Cell Travis

Good old PC gaming is still my top choice. This has been my main ‘platform’ (so to speak) for more than a decade and is likely to remain so over the future. Fact is, I choose platforms based on the game genre and whether a title is worth playing. Apart from PC, I chose XBox 360. It’s a great console for action games (Halo Reach, Gears of War, Call of Duty).




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