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While e-mail is one of the most convenient ways to send messages and documents to your friends, there are still instances when you are required to send a regular letter through a snail mail postal service. This can be very inconvenient and time consuming as you usually need to have stamps, envelopes, papers, a printer, and ink in order to produce one and bring it to a mailbox or a post office.

Fortunately, MailWriter is a web service that lets you send snail mails online in just three easy steps. You can compose the letter on the website or upload supported document formats.

post snail mail

To use MailWriter, the first step is to go to the website and write your letter, or attach a PDF, Word, Excel, and Powerpoint file, then fill up the details of the recipient’s address and your return address. You can also add multiple recipients in one letter.

The next step is to preview your letter and documents, and make sure that the address you inputted is correct. You also need to select the type of envelope for your mail (C4 or C5).

post snail mail


Finally, you need to agree to the terms and conditions of MailWriter and select a payment method for the service (the site supports Paypal, Ideal, and credit cards). The price of the snail mail depends on the number of pages, size of the documents, recipients, and destination of your letter – but there is no need to worry as there is a price calculator that can tell you how much it’s going to cost you to use the service.

post snail mail


  • Send regular mails online.
  • Save a lot of your time.
  • Attach PDF, Word, Excel, and Powerpoint documents.
  • Add multiple recipients in one letter.
  • Choose either C4 or C5 envelope for your mail.
  • Supports Paypal, Ideal, and credit card payment.
  • Similar Tools: SnailMailr, Zumbox, and TheMailMonster.

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