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Apple’s default mail client is great, but the one problem with it is that you always have to have it running in order to find out if you have any new mail. If you are running a slower Mac, this can be a real problem because the memory it is using can be very valuable. That is why MailWidget exists. It allows you to check your mail status from your Mac’s dashboard, without having mail running in the background all the time.


You can use the settings in the application to tell it how often it should check for new messages. Then whenever you check your dashboard, you will see the number of new mail items, as well as the account you associated with the widget. You can also link it with Growl, so it will send you notifications whenever you receive a new mail item. It’s a cool little widget that gets the job done very well.


  • Keeps track of new mail in dashboard.
  • Saves system resources by not having mail running all the time.
  • Free program.
  • Supports Growl notifications.

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