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MailVU is an innovative service where you can quickly send free video emails of up to 1 minute in length to anyone with an email account. You don’t need to create an account. All you need is a browser with Flash installed, a webcam and a microphone. It’s a web app so no software downloads required either.

video emailing

In the screenshot above, you can start recording the message after hitting the record button and then playback and email it. Unfortunately, my webcam had some hardware issues so I couldn’t capture my video, but I’ve got the tool tested and it works. You could specify a deletion time in days and self-destruct time in views.

Although the email can be sent to only one recipient, it could be forwarded and hence a self-destruct time of 1 view is recommended.

Another nice feature is that the videos are hosted on their server, so no huge emails in the inbox. A premium service is in the offing which will introduce more features.


  • Hassle-free way to send video emails online.
  • Things required: browser, flash, webcam and microphone.
  • No sign up needed.
  • Maximum video length of 1 minute.
  • Can be sent to 1 recipient only.
  • Specify delete and self-destruct time intervals.
  • Similar tools: VoxLite and OutShouts

Check out MailVU @

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