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Sometimes, you need to send something in email that you would prefer to be kept from prying eyes. It could be something personal, or related to business, but either way, it’s something you only want the receiver of the email to be able to see. Thankfully, we live in an age of the web where encryption is not just limited to the big corporations of the world. Anyone can easily keep their emails hidden, and Mailvelope is a great option for accomplishing the task. It comes with both a Chrome and Firefox extension (the Firefox one is still a beta), and it makes encrypting emails easy for all.

openpgp email encryption

The best part about Mailvelope is that it integrates right into webmail, so you don’t need to run any special mail client to use it. You will need to be familiar with how to use OpenPGP encryption in order to use this extension to conceal the contents of your email, but as long as you are, it will be a comfortable to use experience. You will need to import the public key of the person you want to send the mail to, and then the rest is easy.


When you type an email, you will see a lock button. This is what you will need to use the encrypt the message and keep it from prying eyes.

The program is designed to work with Gmail, GMX,, and Yahoo Mail, so it should be usable by most webmail users out there. It will take a little knowledge to get it going, but the support page on Mailvelope does a great job of getting you acquainted with the process.



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