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Even though Facebook and Twitter have introduced new and innovative ways of marketing, sending newsletters and marketing emails is still one of the most effective ways to reach out to your customers. MailerLite is a web based email marketing tool that gives you all of the resources to create, send and manage your email campaigns.

To start with, the biggest edge MailerLite has on other email marketing software is a web-based structure which means nothing to download or sync to your network. Just create a free account on MailerLite and start creating beautiful newsletters. The content editor lets you drag-and-drop objects, add text and images and customize the style and colors of your email without getting into any HTML code.

web based email marketing

You can import your contact list into MailerLite and the tool will handle duplicates and automatically take care of invalid addresses. You can manually add new subscribers, delete them and even search through them using an email or name.

MailerLite can send up to 1,000 emails per minute so you don’t have to worry about mail servers and any other technical issues. Once sent, your campaign can be easily tracked and analyzed through visual charts and detailed reports. This includes information like the number of people who opened the emails, number of clicks, number of undelivered emails and information about people who have unsubscribed.

web based email marketing


MailerLite currently has a free trial through 1st October 2010 after which different plans are available based on specific needs. The people behind the service have told us that MailerLite will also provide a free plan with limited features after 1st October 2010.

To see MailerLite in action watch demo video below:


  • Create and send email campaigns.
  • All web-based, nothing to download.
  • Import and manage contacts from one place.
  • Automatically handles duplicate and invalid emails.
  • Drag and drop content editor to easily create emails.
  • Track your campaigns through detailed click reports and charts.
  • Get unsubscribe and bounce reports.

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