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A lot of us want to keep a diary or a blog, but other important things in life don’t let us remember that every day. MailDiary is a service that will send you an email every day to remind you to write your diary. What’s even better is that you can simply reply to that email to post a new diary in your entry.

You can also send an email anytime to create a new diary entry. When you go online to MailDiary, you can view all the entries in your diary, create a new entry online, browse entries by date, delete entries and even get them by month in a PDF document that you can then print. You can choose to receive the reminder email daily at one of three times (morning, noon, evening) or choose to receive it once a week on any particular day. If desired, you can also turn off the automatic emails.


  • Get daily or weekly reminders to write your diary.
  • Simply respond to the email to post an entry.
  • View, delete or browse entries online.

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