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What if you could clean out your inbox, but also not forget anything important? That’s the idea behind Mail Fred, a Google Chrome extension for Gmail that archives emails for now and brings them back when they’re needed.

Keeping your inbox clean can be important for staying sane, which is why it’s a good idea to respond to messages as quickly as possible so you can archive them. Some emails, however, require you to act at some point in the future – airline tickets, for example, or directions to an event you’re going to in a month. It’s easy to let these sorts of emails sit in your inbox indefinitely, but do that too many times and your inbox becomes cluttered.

That’s where Mail Fred comes in. This Chrome extension allows you to temporarily archive an email, only for it to come back at a time that’s appropriate for you. So you can set any email to disappear, only to reappear when you need it.

archive email

You can set an email to come back to your inbox tomorrow, if you want, or pick a day 30 days in the future: it’s up to you.

mail fred

The extension is build entirely using Google Apps Script, but only works on an instance of Chrome with the extension installed. All data for the service is stored on Google itself, meaning you’ll need to enable the script to access your account.

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