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Quickly zoom in on any Facebook photo – just hover over it with your mouse and you’ll see a popup. Magnifier for Facebook is one of the simplest Chrome plugins out there, but everyone who uses Facebook regularly should install it – especially if they like browsing photos.

magnifier for facebook

No need for long-winded explanations here – just install the plugin and it will start working immediately. Note that only Facebook photos will be zoomed in – not photos featured from linked-to articles.

There are a few settings to configure – you can make the zoomed photos transparent and even disable Facebook’s “Theater” completely – allowing you to go directly to the page of a certain picture. You can also add a delay, if you want, or set a keyboard shortcut for toggling the service.

Overall, though, you don’t really need to check out the settings if you don’t want to. Just install the extension and it will start working immediately. Honestly, I’m not sure why Facebook doesn’t go ahead and roll this feature into their site – once you’ve used it, it just makes sense. But if they did build this feature in, users would be confused. They’re not used to interface changes made by Facebook being good.



  • An extremely easy to use Google Chrome extension.
  • Hover over any photo in Facebook to instantly see a full version.
  • Can completely disable Facebook’s theater function, allowing you to get the full link to any image.
  • Similar: Photo Zoom, Image Zoom, Thumbnail Zoom, Hoover Zoom.

Check out Facebook Zoom @ The Chrome Web Store

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  1. Gordon Hay
    March 30, 2013 at 12:58 pm

    Why not just use the Hover Zoom extension (or one of the others mentioned) and have this facility on all sites?