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Learning magic is not for the faint hearted. It takes time and persistence to master a trick. So what’s better than having a magic teacher in your pocket? Magic 101 is an iOS app that will let you discover basic and advanced magic tricks you can perform in front of your friends.

teach yourself magic tricks

Magic 101 has an exhaustive library of free and in-app purchased tricks, using props like coins, pencils, and bills. You can browse for magic tricks with each lesson having  detailed instructions and performance videos.

The free app includes 10 basic magic tricks that you can learn on the go. Once you have mastered the initial batch, you can purchase new tutorials for $0.99 each. Some of the free lessons include the Book Test, Coin Matrix, and Coin Thru Glass.

Upon using the app and learning the tricks, I find the lessons to be simple and easy to follow. It tells you exactly what to do, and the video tutorials help a lot. Each trick still takes a lot of practice to master, but Magic 101 gives you the foundation to start learning quickly.



Magic 101 is ideal for enthusiasts and beginners who need quick access to magic tricks they can show to friends. It can also be handy in breaking the ice at parties.


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