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Screenshot1303In its recent 6.0 update, the popular RSS magazine-style iOS reader, Feedly, has integrated the fast growing microblogging site, Tumblr, as part of its source content. This means that Feedly users can link to their Tumblr account within Feedly and view the content of their blog(s) and dashboard. Facebook and Google Reader have also been included as feed sources.

With the new Tumblr integration, users can not only view related content on their Tumblr site, but they can also favor blog postings by their followers just as they do on the web platform of the Tumblr account.

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Original Tumblr pages can also be viewed within Feedly, and Tumblr users can log into their account and create blog entries and re-post content on their dashboard. The process may be a little slower, but it makes for fuller integration with Tumblr.

Feedly includes a wide variety of other feed resources, including articles about technology, design, business, cooking, cinema, sports, travel, and world news. As with similar RSS feed readers, Feedly users can also search for feeds by name or URL.

The 6.0 update also includes improved social network integration with Facebook, improved navigation, and pinching gestures to close inlined articles. User setting changes for Feedly are done through the settings of the iOS device. In there, you can also choose, amongst other features, to have Feedly auto-mark articles as read, turn off the Essentials navigation bar, and turn on the Auto Preview Partial Articles feature.


Feedly is also available for Android, Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.

Source: ReadWriteWeb

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