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Do you have an image of an object you cannot identify? You could ask others to look at the picture and try identifying the object; but they might also not know. MacroGlossa is a web service that has come up with a brilliant solution to this problem.

identify objects in image

MacroGlossa is an image comparison website. The idea behind it is to help people identify the objects in their pictures. Whether you have a picture of an animal, a painting, a landscape, or some other thing, you can pass it through MacroGlossa’s interface.

The site then tries matching your specified image with many available on the web. The search might take a while; it is advisable to narrow it down using the categories listed on the site: animals, biological, panoramic, and artistic. The search results are then displayed below your specified image.

identify objects in image

You can click on a search result thumbnail to enlarge the image and then optionally view it in its true resolution.


find similar images

The service is still in alpha so do not expect supremely accurate results. Still however, the site is a great source for finding similar images even if at times it cannot accurately help identify the object in a picture.


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