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If and when you plan to upgrade to Apple’s latest version of OS X, Mountain Lion, you might want to first consider if your most important applications are compatible with the new operating system, which went on sale Wednesday for $19.99 in the Mac App Store.

A new site called RoaringApps contains an extensive lists of OS X applications which details their preparation status for OS X 10.8. Of course, all of Apple’s current default applications are updated for the new system (updates for iWorks and iPhoto apps were released on Wednesday as well), but some third-party apps are still not ready even though the developers build for Mountain Lion has been out since February of this year.

RoaringApps contains a large A-Z compatibility table that reports which apps have been tested and updated for both OS X Lion and Mountain Lion. It also reports which apps are experiencing problems running on either of the operating systems.

For example, as of this writing, RoaringApps reports that Adobe Air has been tested and found to have problems running on Mountain Lion. On other hand, it reports that Photoshop CS3 runs okay on the new operating system, though it hasn’t been officially updated for 10.8.

Fortunately, because the compatibility table is so extensive, you can also filter listed apps by “recently updated” “iCloud supported”, and “retina graphics”. The site also includes a compatibility table for the status of mobile apps for iOS 5 and supporting devices—iPad, iPhone, and the iPad touch. RoaringApps is a wiki community in which any member can contribute and update.


Source: 9To5Mac

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