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Lyrster lets you find a song using its lyrics. Can’t remember the name of some song or artist, but know few lines from its lyrics? Try searching for it on Lyrster, a search engine (based on Google search) that searches through millions of lyrics lines on a number of popular lyrics sites. Just type in the words you remember and click on “Find my song” button. The Lyrster will then search these lyrics sites and get the relevant songs.

find a song using the lyrics


  • Fnd a song by lyrics.
  • No sign up needed.
  • Similar websites: LyricsFly

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Is it just me … or is Frank Sinatra suspiciously absent from this list? Kind of leaves me with an immediate negative impression.



Who sings the Christian song with the lyrics– “I stand amazed when I realize….your love for me is beyond all measure?”


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who sings the song that goes something like:
I can see it in your eyes baby, trying to …..and the songs starts of with dun dung dunn some kind of beat like that. It was on one of the episodes of “king of queens” when doug and carrie went on a trip with deakon and his wife and they kept using the song everytime they were having sex.


moon cloud

rock on



I was worring about him for a moment.Thank you Aibek.
Thank you a lot.

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