LyricsTraining: Learn Language Through Music & Lyrics

Learning a new language is not easy and the traditional courses that make you memorize vocabulary and grammar are too boring. LyricsTraining is a new website that makes learning a new language easy by listening to music and lyrics. You can use it to learn English, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Dutch.

lyricstraining   LyricsTraining: Learn Language Through Music & Lyrics

Once you have selected the language you want to learn, LyricsTraining will display a number of songs for that language. Each song will have a different difficulty level like Easy, Medium or Hard. While you are listening to the song, you will be asked to fill various blanks based on the lyrics. The whole exercise will be timed so you can learn in a challenging environment. You can also search for songs by song title or artist name.

lyr   LyricsTraining: Learn Language Through Music & Lyrics


  • Learn a new language through songs and lyrics.
  • Play songs and fill in the blanks based on lyrics.
  • Easy, medium and hard difficulty levels.
  • No registration required.
  • Other language learning websites: Lingt, Memorista, LangoLAB, Popling and MangoLanguages.

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