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Often times, we hear a song on the radio that we fall in love with, but just can’t seem to recall the name of the song. However, as long as you can remember a few lines of the song, it’s very much possible to find out the artist and name of the song. LyricRat is another lyric search site, and is very easy to use. Just type in the lyrics you can remember, and LyricRat will do the rest.

If you’re not sure if it has found the right song, click to hear a sample of the song, along with a link to buy the song from Amazon. Even better; LyricRat is integrated into Twitter, and sending a tweet to @LyricRat followed by the lyrics and you’ll receive a reply with the name of the song along with the artist. Great way to find lyrics on the go, especially to those Twiterholics.

lyric search sites


  • Song lyric search site.
  • Easy way to find the song and artist for your favorite songs.
  • Hear samples of your song to make sure it’s the right one.
  • If you wish, you can buy the song from the Amazon MP3 Store.
  • Includes suggestions in case you memorized the lyrics wrong.
  • Awesome Twitter integration: Just tweet to @LyricRat.

That’s definitely not the first song lyrics search site we profiled on MakeUseOf. There were,, and few others in recently published top 5 sites to find song lyrics online The Top 5 Sites to Find Song Lyrics Online The Top 5 Sites to Find Song Lyrics Online Read More .

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