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So you know that there is going to be a lunar eclipse  today ( 21st December 2010), but is it going to be worth waiting outside in the cold to see it? LunarEclipseSimulator is a lunar eclipse simulation tool that gives you the answer by letting you model lunar eclipses. You can choose any of the dozen or so lunar eclipses that are yet to occur and see how they will look.

The tool uses a Google Earth plug-in to do the simulation and allows you the to view the eclipse at different times of the day. The tool also simulated many upcoming solar eclipses and is a good resource to view any eclipse in simulation in case you miss the actual one.

lunar eclipse simulation


  • Simulate lunar and solar eclipses.
  • View at different times of day and from different locations.
  • Choose from many upcoming eclipses.
  • Requires Google Earth plug-in.
  • No registration required.

Visit LunarEclipseSimulator @

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