Lumify Automatically Edits And Produces Great HD Home Movies [iOS]

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Lumify   Lumify Automatically Edits And Produces Great HD Home Movies [iOS]As a former videographer, I’m still amazed that I can pull my iPhone out of my pocket and shoot video with a single tap of a button. I imagine that by now portable camcorders are struggling to survive. But these days even editing videos is nearly as easy as shooting them, particularly when using a new app like, Lumify (free download).

The nonlinear capabilities of Apple’s iMovie greatly simplified the editing and production of home and professional videos. It helped revolutionize the digital video industry. Apple has even brought iMovie to the iPhone and other iOS devices. It is literally possible to shoot and edit a video on your iPhone and show your movie in less time than it takes to bake a cake. But guess what? Lumify simplifies the editing process even more, making it as easy as cracking eggs in a bowl. Let’s learn how.

You can shoot videos directly from within Lumify, or import existing clips from your Camera Roll. This amazing app takes a series of shots—each just a few seconds long—and analyzes each clip and trims them down automatically. And within a minute or less Lumify creates a short video with smooth transitions and background music.

Lumify app   Lumify Automatically Edits And Produces Great HD Home Movies [iOS]

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Unlike in-camera editing on camcorders, which are “destructive” of the original during the editing process, Lumify retains the original unmodified video, thus allowing the user to go back and easily re-order and re-trim each clip to their liking.

Here’s an example of a video made with very little editing effort using Lumify. It consists of 10 scenes lasting just 30 seconds in total. Something like this would be quite tedious to do in iMovie given the number of cuts and transitions, but Lumify makes it incredibly simple.

You may have noticed in this movie that there is no audio. Because of the way Lumify quickly edits together clips, audio would complicate the process and may result in cutting off any audio in mid-sentence. Quite frankly, even editing together clips with audio in iMovie can be cumbersome and time-consuming. The developers of Lumify told me however that they are considering enabling users to turn on the original audio on a clip-by-clip basis, as well as other “advanced options,” in future updates.

How to Lumify Clips

Though Lumify can do the editing for you, it is still important to have a storyline in mind when shooting your video clips. Each clip in your story need only be 15 seconds to a minute long. And about 6-10 individual clips should be sufficient for a thirty second or longer movie.

You can shoot your videos using the built-in iPhone camera, or shoot scenes directly from Lumify. If you are importing shots from your Camera Roll, Lumify will identify those clips and you simply select the order in which you want them to appear.

Lumify 7   Lumify Automatically Edits And Produces Great HD Home Movies [iOS]

The next step in the process allows you to also rearrange those clips and review them before the automatic editing process begins. As you review individual clips, you can highlight parts that you would like Lumify to include in the edited production. While you don’t get complete control over the editing process, I think Lumify does a pretty good job of selecting the important parts for editing together a movie. It’s almost as if it actually reads the content of your video clips.

Lumify 5   Lumify Automatically Edits And Produces Great HD Home Movies [iOS]

Next, you can select from one of four theme songs in Lumify for background music, or you can choose a song from your iTunes library. You can also swipe your finger across the screen and apply one of 10 filters (e.g. Sepia, Documentary, Grunge.)

Lumify filter   Lumify Automatically Edits And Produces Great HD Home Movies [iOS]

Before the editing process begins, you can adjust the soundtrack and duration of the video and preview how it will look. I find the curtain image in the preview section distracting, but if you turn your iPhone in the landscape position, you can preview your video full screen and the curtain disappears. The curtain, is of course not a part of the final production.

Lumify analyzes your clips and highlights, and does its magic, producing an edited movie in less than a minute or so. It creates a 1080p HD version. Lumify is fully optimized for the iPhone 5 and iOS 6. It is also compatible with all iPhones/iPod Touches that support video recording, but the iPhone 4S/iPhone 54/iPod Touch 5G are recommended. You can go back and re-edit, and add or delete scenes in your Lumify productions anytime.

I really like Lumify because for simple home clips, I don’t have to haul out iMovie to do the editing. You can save your Lumify-produced movies to your iOS device’s Camera Roll, share it to the Lumify gallery, or send it privately to family and friends via email.

Lumify sharing   Lumify Automatically Edits And Produces Great HD Home Movies [iOS]

Let us know what you think about Lumify. Is it an ap you might try using?

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Lumify Team

Thanks Bakari for covering our app!

Since the article was written, we’ve indeed gone ahead and released a new update that enables you to add back the original audio in your videos selectively to the edited video.

Sneak preview for your readers: In our Jan 2013 update, you will have more control over the audio mix, including the ability to add narration tracks. We are also making some interface changes to make it much easier and faster to go back and forth between previewing the edited video and tweaking the individual scenes in the video (e.g. applying a slow-mo effect, adjusting the audio level). Please stay tuned!

Bakari Chavanu

You’re welcome. Please keep me posted on your future updates. Your app is really fast and a lot of fun. I’ve already used a few times for quick edited productions.


Junil Maharjan

Do you have a similar app for android phones?

Bakari Chavanu

Junil, I’d suggest writing the developers and letting them know your interest in an Android version.


FĂ©lix S. De JesĂşs

I’m afraid that apps like this, takes exclusivity for iOS :(

Lumify Team

It is admittedly much easier to build a video app on iOS compared to Android because Apple provides a lot of great APIs for handling video. This allows developers like us to focus on building interesting things (e.g. novel workflows, special effects) as opposed to mundane, low-level things like encoding and decoding video streams, a/v synchronization, etc., which aren’t available for “free” on Android.

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