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Google users often find themselves clicking on the “Images”, “Video”, and similar links at the top of the search results page when they use Google. This is done to get search results from different Google products. Fortunately you will no longer have to spend an extra click to get those additional results, all thanks to WDYL “What Do You Love”.

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What Do You Love is a new page launched by Google that presents the search results of a query from all Google products. The search results are displayed in individual boxes placed next to one another. Each box has an arrow to browse over to the next result. A box on the far left lets you easily navigate the page.


“What Do You Love” lets you instantly find results from Google Books, Videos, SketchUp, Translate, and numerous other Google services thereby saving you valuable time.



Check out What Do You Love @

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  1. Jeanledu
    September 8, 2011 at 3:08 pm

    It seems to work only in English : it doesn't even accept accented French vowels.