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YouTube has revolutionized how people create and consume videos The YouTube Guide: From Watching to Production The YouTube Guide: From Watching to Production Want to get the most out of YouTube? This Youtube guide is for you. This guide goes over everything you need to know about YouTube, whether you're an enthusiast or a budding director. Read More . Which makes it easier than ever to learn about any subject you want How To Set Up YouTube For Better Learning How To Set Up YouTube For Better Learning If you are not using YouTube to expand your mind and learn new skills, it's time to catch up. There's so much free knowledge available out there. Why not take advantage of it? Read More to learn about. Fans of film — true movie lovers — are particularly well served.

While there are a lot of channels that focus on reviewing movies 10 YouTube Channels You Can Switch On To Catch The Best Movie Reviews 10 YouTube Channels You Can Switch On To Catch The Best Movie Reviews There are a lot of movie buffs on YouTube giving their two-cents worth by way of movie reviews. In fact, they have full-blown YouTube channels to show-off their critical takes. Which are the better ones... Read More , there are some YouTubers who go beyond simple reaction videos and dig deep into what makes films special.

If you’re a big fan of movies, here are four YouTube channels you should be sure to check out.

Every Frame A Painting

Every Frame A Painting is one of my favourite YouTube channels. Tony Zhou, a film maker and freelance editor, creates video essays that dive deep into film form — the language of film. If you’re interested in how, or why, films make you feel a certain way, then Zhou’s fascinating videos are a great place to start. He dissects how “composition, lighting, editing, color, silence, movement, … music,” and more all work together to create specific effects.

Each video sees Zhou look at a specific film, filmmaker, or technique, and explore what makes it work. He has looked at everything from the way Edgar Wright — the director of Shaun of the Dead Keep the Undead Dead: The Best Tech for Taking out Zombies Keep the Undead Dead: The Best Tech for Taking out Zombies This is a breaking report. An unknown disease is sweeping the nation. Please remain indoors. There are some items in your home that may be of assistance. What follows is a special report from MakeUseOf. Read More , Hot Fuzz, and Scott Pilgrim vs. the Worldcreates visual comedy to how texting and the Internet are portrayed on screen.

His episode on Michael Bay is a masterpiece. While admitting his own dislike for Bay’s work, Zhou takes apart Bay’s techniques, like the circular panning shot and, without bias, examines them. He looks at the mechanics of the techniques, the films that influenced Bay to use them, and when and where the techniques work (and more importantly, don’t work).

If you’re interested in movies and want to develop a deeper understanding of what good filmmakers do, and what bad ones don’t do, Every Frame A Painting is required viewing. I have personally watched all of Zhou’s videos multiple times.

Really That Good

Really That Good is a new series from long-time YouTuber MovieBob. In the announcement trailer, Bob takes issue with the “negativity, cynicism and snark” of shows like CinemaSins. He argues that by picking through films looking for flaws rather than enjoying the movie as a whole we’re at risk of not seeing the forest for the trees.

Yes, every film has problems, but does that stop it being a great film? Just because a film has been talked about to death, is stooped in nostalgia, and has some corners of the Internet dismissing it as “overrated”, doesn’t mean that it isn’t an amazing film that defined an era. Some films are really that good.

Instead, with a “Relentless Commitment to Positivity” Bob wants to “bring the joy back into being a movie fan” by digging into the bigger themes and ideas of some of the greatest films ever made. At the time of writing there are only two episodes out so far — one on Ghostbusters and another on Die Hard — and both are fantastic (just like the films that inspired them).

The episode on Die Hard explores a range of topics, from what action movies were like prior to its release, to the cultural context of when the film was made, from why John McClure defined an era of action heroes, to just how good the film actually was. I’ll admit it’s kind of annoying when someone, in a witty bout of originality says, “my favourite Christmas film is Die Hard”, but it doesn’t take anything away from the film itself.

It’s wonderful to see a show for movie fans that isn’t just reviewing movies 5 YouTube Channels For Must-See Movie Reviews 5 YouTube Channels For Must-See Movie Reviews The majority of us like watching movies. Sure, the genres we love differ, but there's still little better than losing yourself in a different world packed with a story, a setting, and characters for a... Read More or tearing them apart frame by frame. If you want an honest look at some great films, you need to keep an eye on Really That Good. I’m personally excited to see where Bob takes the show.

Official MST3K

As much as MovieBob has a point about cynicism in movie reviews, it’s impossible to put together this list without including the Official Mystery Science Theater 3000 channel. Shows like CinemaSins all draw their inspiration from the groundwork laid by MST3K in the 1990s.

Set in the “not-too-distant-future”, in MST3K, mad scientists have sent Joel Robinson into space to endlessly watch bad B-movies in a convoluted plot for world domination. Joel builds four sentient robots to keep himself company. Together, they watch some of the worst movies ever made, cracking jokes as they do so. The results are hilarious.

While the TV show has been off air for more than 15 years, it now has an official YouTube channel that includes a number of full movies, with more being added all the time, from the 11 season run.

Just as Every Frame A Painting grants you a deeper understanding of what makes great films great, MST3K highlights all the ways a film can be terrible. If you’re interested in films, understanding what makes a bad one is just as illuminating as understanding what makes a great one. MST3K is also an important part of the history of film criticism and every true movie buff should watch at least a few episodes.

Filmmaker IQ

While Filmmaker IQ is meant as a resource for aspiring filmmakers, there is a lot of great content true movie fans will love. Mixed in with tutorials on recording audio for digital videos there are great videos that explore the history of popcorn and movie theaters and the evolution of acting theories.

Filmmaker IQ’s lesson on the “Psychology of Scary Movies” (embedded above) is the perfect example.

The video looks at what it is about horror movies that audiences find so fascinating. The content offers aspiring filmmakers an understanding of the considerations that go into making horror flicks, while also providing fans of movies with a deeper understanding of, and additional context to, the horror genre in general.

If you’re interested in any artform, checking out introductory educational resources is a great way to develop your understanding and appreciate the effort that goes into creating it. If you’re a fan of film, Filmmaker IQ is the perfect place to start.

End Credits

If you’re a true lover of movies and want to understand how and why your favourite movies work, YouTube is a great place to start. With channels like Every Frame A Painting, MovieBob, Official MST3K and Filmmaker IQ you’re spoilt for choice.

Spend an afternoon watching a few videos from each of these four channels and you’ll never look at the films you see in the same way again. Whether it’s appreciating the film form, the broad themes involved, why it resonates with audiences, or the historical context of particular films, your movie-viewing experience will be immeasurably improved by the experience.

Are you a big fan of films? What great YouTube channels aimed at movie lovers have we missed off the list? Please let us know in the comments section below.

Image Credits: Clapboard via Shutterstock

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  1. Yashu
    February 12, 2017 at 9:21 pm

    There are a couple of channels that aren't very well known, but you can tell they do have quality as well, they just need a little bit more of exposure. So please share-on if you find them real nice to watch and learn:

    -The Royal Ocean Film Society - This guy has been making videos since two to three years ago, he sounds really like Tony Zhou from Every Frame a Painting but he is not, his name is Andrew Saladino, and he makes real quality essays too. Worth your visits.

    - A Void In Frame - This channel is just starting out, and they make some really interesting videos regarding not only film form but also film narrative. Very insightful.

    - KyleKallgrenBHH - This guy is a truly an awesome video essayist, even Tony Zhou wouldn't argue with the fact. He makes full-on breakdown of films that are mostly obscure and art house, but he doesn't restrict himself to them, there are some more commercial ones which he breaks down too, including visual echoes and film theories such as Inception. Really good stuff.

    These channels are still growing, and to me they are hidden gems really worth while watching.

  2. Errol Mathams
    July 24, 2016 at 9:57 am

    I love movies, but more so much the Hollywood or US B-grade movies. What about the wealth of movies from Europe and the rest of the world.

    • Harry Guinness
      July 26, 2016 at 2:51 am

      Both Every Frame a Painting and Filmmaker IQ are universal. Every Frame a Painting regularly focusses on Asian cinema.

  3. Elliott
    April 27, 2016 at 12:31 am

    I have made a compilation of the best actor nominees for the Oscars 2016. I would HUGELY appreciate it if you guys could watch it and give me any feedback at all in the comments :)

    I tried to edit so that you get a true sense of character depth, i hope you will see what i mean during the second half of the video :)

  4. Read and Share
    June 2, 2015 at 12:26 am

    No problem here either. I use the Chrome browser on my desktop... and Dolphin browser on my Android tablet.

    • Read and Share
      June 2, 2015 at 12:27 am

      My comment was in reply to Jeremy Moats.

  5. Andy Betts
    June 1, 2015 at 9:43 am

    I've recently come across a channel called Collative Learning. It's not exclusively about film, but mostly is, and has some really interesting pieces about themes, techniques and characters. There's a strong focus on Star Wars, too. This one about the use of wipes in Star Wars is a great example:

  6. Jeremy A Moats
    May 30, 2015 at 8:32 pm

    I am sad to report that YouTube is dead. The site is now unusable for anyone who wants to watch VIDEOS on itself. The embedded videos outside of YouTube seem to work, as long as they are not loading in HTML5. All you get when you visit any video on itself is the dark grey static screen saying your browser does not support the video format. When HTML5 videos do show up, they are not videos. They are still slide-shows with loud, annoying sounds and no motion. They never buffer and I am sick of it.

    • Colonel Angus
      June 1, 2015 at 3:50 pm

      I'm not sure which browser you're using, but from here there doesn't seem to be a problem with YouTube. As a test, I just watched YouTube videos with Firefox, Chromium, Opera and Konqueror, and all played fine.